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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is a distributor of adhesives, specialty chemicals and adhesive dispensing equipment. With over 40 years of industry experience, we are a supplier you can trust, and now you can buy adhesives online, direct from our website. 


By registering with our e-shop, you can place an order at the click of a button and at any time of day! The Ellsworth Adhesives online shop is quick and easy to use and has great low prices, prompt dispatch and no minimum order value. 


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  1. Dymax 38465 BlueWave 200 Replacement Bulb
    A replacement bulb for Dymax Bluewave 200 system. Learn More

  2. Dymax 40205 Bluewave 75 Replacement Bulb
    A replacement bulb for The BlueWave® 75 UV curing spot lamp. Learn More

  3. Dymax Bluewave 75 Spot Lamp
    The BlueWave® 75 UV curing spot lamp offers high-intensity and user-friendly operation for any light-based curing application. The patented intensity adjustment feature provides user control of light intensity to assist users in process validation and control. Intensity measurement is easily accomplished with the Dymax ACCU-CAL™ 50 radiometer. Scheduled intensity measurements taken during the production process will indicate whether additional intensity adjustments are required. This method of measurement provides the most accurate readings as they are taken through the lightguide in the actual production setting. Learn More

  4. 1x5mmx1m Dymax 5720 Light Guide
    DYMAX 5720 Single Pole Lightguide is an instrument that is used to control the curing of DYMAX adhesives, sealants, and coatings. It consists of plastic tubing and a light conducting liquid core. It protects against degradation and has a light output of 90%. Learn More

  5. Dymax Goggles - Green
    DYMAX 35286 Goggles, UV blocking safety goggles. Complete UV protection and reduced visible light transmission.. Learn More

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